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3 June 2008

well… i am moved!  it’s official.  i live in this new apartment and no longer live in the old one.  and i’m mostly settled in, though the bedroom still needs some work.  but i think i’m getting ahead of myself…

so i spent last weekend moving.  and i had lots of fabulous help!  throughout saturday, i had help from mom, dad, aunt nancy, adam, theresa, marke, and chris.  we got all my stuff over here.  and i have way too much stuff.  i mean, i knew that already, but it’s now been confirmed.  though my goal for the year is to simplify, so i plan to get rid of things.  anyway, all these wonderful people helped me out, and we got it done.  and sunday was spent cleaning up the old place and turning in the keys.  so now i’m here with all my things, and it’s pretty rad. :)

also rad was that i got to spend the weekend with the family.  like 5 days!  and they were so unbelieveably great with helping me.  and i’m excited to see them again in a couple weeks when they have to help adam move.  he has way, way, way less stuff than i do.  and no furniture.

and i’ve been dealing with a few minor things as i get settled here, like cable that didn’t get turned on until yesterday and a toilet that broke and flooded my bathroom this morning.  but i think i’m all set now.  i hope!  :)

and this evening, i took a break from the unpacking and organizing to finally go see the “sex and the city” movie!  i can’t even believe i waited that long.  i only did it because of the moving.  anyway, i loved it.  of course.  even if i cried (because i cry in all movies).  also, free popcorn on tuesday nights is awesome! :)

and now it’s kind of late, and i probably need a bit of rest before tomorrow.  more soon…


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