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29 May 2008

well, i guess i have a lot to update on!  i’ve only been m.i.a. for a week, but i’ve managed to keep myself pretty busy.

first up: portland.  i had a total blast with sarah in portland!  so.  much.  fun.  we met at the airport there on friday and took the lightrail to our hotel in downtown.  we stayed in the gorgeous, fabulous governor hotel.  it was a great choice!  and once we were checked into our beautiful room, we headed out to dinner.  and from there on out, it was a weekend of eating delicious things and buying beautiful ones.  pretty much, we covered the entire town dining and shopping and just enjoying hanging out with each other.  it was perfect.  it was 1 part traveling, 3 parts vacationing.  and that’s exactly what we both needed, i think.  and i made it back here monday night without incident.  great weekend!  seriously!

and if you’re still interested in the boston trip i just returned from, the photos are finally up on flickr.

and now on to what’s going on right this moment.  well, in case you haven’t already heard, i’m moving this weekend.  mom, dad, and aunt nancy arrived in town this evening to help me pack and move.  and i need the help!  it’s a little crazy to have so many people in here all at once, but i do appreciate the effort and the help immensely.  and all the moving should be enough to keep me busy at least through the weekend, so expect infrequent (if any) updates until then.

anyway, i think i need to get some rest tonight.  more when i can. :)


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