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hey there, beautiful

20 May 2008

i keep getting this from strange men in boston.  geez, how i’ve missed being a pedestrian in a big city all the time! ;) haha!  okay, so i actually do hate getting “hit on” (if you can really call it that) while just trying to walk from one place to another in the city, especially in a city that’s new to me.  i never quite know when i’m safe, so i’m wary of everyone.  however, being here and doing lots of walking and riding the subway and such does make me miss living in the city (london) or even just spending time in big cities a lot.  i’m enjoying it here for sure, and i’m trying to take advantage of my time here in boston.

okay, so let me fill you in on my day.  it was a good one.

it started out pretty early.  by 7:30, i was at the convention center in a photoshop tips and tricks session.  i love sessions like this as sort of add-ons to conferences.  however, at that hour of the morning, i can be a little foggy, which makes digesting lots and lots of little details a challenge.  but i wrote down lots and i can go back to my notes later.  it was a good session and worth the early alarm clock setting.

after a quick breakfast, it was on to the first true session of the day, an interview with michael bierut, which was really fun.  it’s good to witness a great interview like this live.  i would have listened for several more hours if that were possible.  and then it was on to a session about strategic thinking and leadership, which was a little dry but full of good ideas.

then it was lunchtime.  we went over to a place about a block from the convention center called spike’s junkyard dogs, recommended by frommer’s for a quick lunch.  it was pretty delicious, especially for a greasy little place.

and then it was back to the conference.  my afternoon sessions were especially great.  the first was on fostering creativity.  the whole presentation was really well done.  and then second was on writing copy.  again, the whole presentation was spot on.  perfect.  someone told the presenter during the q&a that it was the best session he’d been to at this year’s how conference.  i might have to agree.  i’m still digesting.

anyway, i was on my own for the evening, but that was fine.  i had a plan. :)  i went up to beacon hill and wandered around the old, narrow streets with cobblestone paving and rows and rows of gorgeous old brownstones.  it was just lovely to be there enjoying the experience.  if boston didn’t have such terrible weather, i think i’d really enjoy living in this area (of course, who wouldn’t want to live in one of the fanciest sections of town).  anyway, then i went to a little place frommers recommended called grotto for dinner.  it was a cool little place in a space set below street level.  the food was basically modern italian with really fresh, great ingredients.  i had a spectacular chicken parmigiana that came with one cannelloni.  it was really, really amazing.  and then she tempted me into ordering dessert with the dessert menu.  i had a melted chocolate cake.  it was fab.  i couldn’t finish it, and it felt like a tragedy.  but anyway, i left there totally satisfied with a great meal. :)

and then it was back here, as it was starting to get late.  i did do a little wandering in the copely place mall, though, when i got back.  it’s attached to the hotel i’m in, but i hadn’t been there yet.  i decided i want everything in j.crew, but i resisted buying anything.  i’m saving up shopping for the weekend, which i’ll spend in portland with sarah.  anyway, then it was back to my room for the evening.

i’ve just been hanging out catching up on email and talking to annahita.  and now i’m about ready to tuck in.  i have another very full day planned for tomorrow, so i’ll need the sleep.

more soon…


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