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how about if i play accountant

19 May 2008

greetings from boston, once again! :)  i’m having a really wonderful time here still.  this city is treating me so well.  i love it!

i should pick up where i left off yesterday.  the conference kicked off last night with the opening keynote, which was interesting.  and it was cool to see about 4,000 designers gathered together.  and afterwards, we crammed into to the resource center, how’s version of the exhibit hall.  i tried not to pick up anything that i wasn’t really going to use or take home with me.  i did pick up some fun things, though.  and it seemed like exhibitors were giving away bigger free stuff this year.  i picked up a week’s worth of free t-shirts.  more for me to wear to the gym!  actually, some of them are pretty cool. :)

and by the time we were done at the convention center and had dropped off all our swag at the hotel, we were so, so, so tired but also really hungry.  figuring trekking very far would be kind of miserable at that point, we went across the street to the cheesecake factory.  it was so delicious (likely because we were starving).  then we came back here, and i crashed almost immediately.

i was up bright and early this morning, and i hit the hotel gym.  i loved the elliptical with the tv attached to it!  perfect! :)  and then i got cleaned up and met chris so we could walk over to the convention center, where we took advantage of the free continental breakfast.

and then there were the two morning sessions.  they were decent, but not the best.  i also met up with sarah’s friend from work, laura, who’s very nice.  chris and i lunched at the mall food court but had famous boston pizza, so that’s cool.  didn’t miss out on a boston meal. :)  oh, and it was really, really good!  and then we did two afternoon sessions.  these were better, especially my second one.  i learned a lot, and i feel like i can go back to the office with great ideas.  and that’s the point of them sending me here, right?

this evening, i had a fun time planned, and it was even more awesome than i had imagined.  we wandered down newbury street, where all the cute boutiques and shops and galleries are.  it was a nice little walk, even if i didn’t get to do much shopping with chris in tow.  and then we took the t up to the north end, boston’s little italy.  but so much better.  i love this section of town.  it’s right in the city but feels like (and is) an old neighborhood.  the people are all italian, seem to all know each other, have great boston accents, and ahve probably been living here for as long as anyone can remember.  oh, and the neighborhood is crammed with italian restaurants, bakeries, and markets.  oh my goodness!  it’s probably my food heaven!  so anyway, chris and i went to giaccomo’s ristorante, which is a hole-in-the-wall-sized place with a line out the door (apparently at all times of day).  we got in line and waited to be seated.  er, crammed into a tiny little spot in the restaurant.  anyway, it was a truly bostonian experience, and i loved it.  everyone there was from boston, i swear.  and the waitress, gina, presumably somehow related to giaccomo, was fully the italian wife.  she yelled a chris for fussing on his iphone.  it was awesome!!!  :)  and the food was spectacular.  i had butternut squash ravioli with asparagus and prosciutto in a mascarpone cheese sauce.  so good!  i even made chris try it (he doesn’t try new foods) and he really liked it!  so anyway, i was happy and full leaving giaccomo’s.  but my night in the north end couldn’t end there.  so we went to modern bakery, apparently the supplier of tiramisu to most north end restaurants.  i had the best cannoli i’ve ever had.  and then i was really, really, really full!  but so happy! :)

so it was time to head back here for the evening.  i caught a little tv, talked to the parents, and am now ready to get some sleep before another full day.  :)   i’ll keep you updated on the rest of our adventures…


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