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the words are blurry

4 May 2008

okay, so there’s been a lot going on.  i feel like i have a lot to report.  i think this is a good thing for me.  also, some of this news is very exciting!  so here we go…

1) the volleyball
last weekend, the pepperdine men’s volleyball team unexpectedly won their conference tournament and therefore a birth in the ncaa final four (yes, only 4 teams compete for the national championship).  this year, the championships were held at uc irvine, just a few minutes up the road from me.  so thursday night, i headed up there and watched two great matches of volleyball.  first, i saw penn state beat ohio state 3-1.  penn state looked awesome, but it’s always a little hard to tell how good a team is if they’re not playing a west coast team (even if their record is 28-1).  anyway, then i got to watch long beach state get swept by my pepperdine boys 3-0!  awesome!  and they were looking so great!  especially my personal favorites paul carroll and jonathan winder.  :)  anyway, it was a great night of volleyball, even if it meant i got home late.
so saturday with mom, dad, and adam all in town with me, i really wanted to go watch pepperdine compete for the national championship.  we didn’t have tickets to the sold out event, but we went up there anyway.  we ended up finding two pairs, so we got to watch.  and while my boys didn’t play their best, penn state just was plain better.  pepperdine lost 3-1.  it was still really fun, though!  we definitely saw some amazing volleyball.

2) the family
my parents came down to visit me for the weekend.  and we picked up adam to join us on saturday.  it’d been a while since i’d seen them last, so it was really nice for me.  we even met up with my cousin theresa on saturday after picking up adam.  she took us to her local chipotle for a really delicious lunch. :)  and now the family’s all gone.  they made it home safely, and i’ll see them again in less than a month.

3) the maggies
the reason the parents came down for the weekend is that i asked my dad to be my date to the maggie awards.  you might remember that a while back i mentioned that i’d been nominated for a few awards for work i’ve done on magazines.  so the ceremony was friday night in l.a.  marke, katrina, dad, and i all headed up there to meet up with jason, his wife angela, aaron, cassy, chris, and chris’s friend tera.  the ceremony’s a little boring, but we made it more fun by betting quarters on each award.  i think i did alright.  i probably broke even.  we didn’t win in the category in which we were three of the six nominees, which was a bit discouraging.  and then late in the event, they announced the winner for the best media kit (yes, of any magazine).  and it took me a moment to process that they announced rtc as the winner.  but then i was so excited!  jason went up to the stage and accepted it and thanked me.  anyway, this award feels really important to me because it was a project i worked so hard on.  jason let me take it home for the weekend.  i’ll bring it to the office tomorrow and hopefully we’ll get to celebrate a little. :)  oh, and there are a few photos on my flickr.

4) the rest of the weekend with the family
we had a good time between volleyball and seeing adam and theresa.  we also had a great dinner (really good service!) at selma’s.  and we enjoyed watching “dan in real life” together.  i liked it more than i expected to.  steve carell is so awesome.  of course. :)

5) the new life
and there’s one more bit of amazing, incredible news!  my friend (who i’ve known since she was about 3) stephenie just had her first baby!  it’s a girl named danica jean, and she was born very early this morning.  i talked to steph’s sister, mel, today.  she said everyone is doing great and that the girl is just gorgeous.  of course.  so anyway, i’m so anxious to meet baby dani, so i’ll have to figure out how to get up there in the next few months.  i stole a couple photos from mel just so you could see.  :)

and honestly, i think that’s everything for tonight.  should be another busy week, though.  i’ll keep you informed. :)


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