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three chips for sister marsha

29 April 2008

hi, kids.  just wanted to get a little update in here.  i actually feel like i even have a few minutes to do it.

today’s been pretty good.  after working my butt off yesterday and today, i finally feel like we’re really close to completing our first issue of the magazine we’ve taken over from mentor graphics.  it’s been quite an experience working with a different editor and not truly owning the book, but i think we’re okay now.  it’s a good feeling, quite honestly.  it’s like i’ve accomplished a ton.

and speaking of accomplishing things, i feel like i did a lot of that this evening, as well.  i sorted though my email inbox and returned messages.  i even sent a hanful of emails that i needed to.  i took out the trash.  i put away the clean dishes.  i pretty much just straightened things up around here.  it was really good.  i’m pretty stoked.  though i’m not quite where i need to be for when my parents arrive on friday.  but i have a couple days, right? :)

and one more thing.  i officially have been accepted into my new apartment in san clemente, so i’ll be moving there on may 31st.  i’m pretty excited about the place, as well as about having my living situation sorted out after stressing about it hardcore for a while.  so things here are good. :)

and i guess that’s about it.  more soon…


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