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missing in action

27 April 2008

yep, i’ve been sort of mia for far too long now.  sorry about that!  i’m going to try to catch you up right now, though.  and hopefully this won’t take too long and i’ll be good about updating in the future. :)  hmm… a numbered list would probably be a good idea for this.

1) work.  work’s been quite busy, but it’s also going fine.  it’s been a little weird to have brian gone, but there is good news to report in that regard.  first of all, we’ve still been talking so it’s not like he’s fallen off the face of the earth.  second, we have hired a new guy named james who starts in a week.  i met him, and he seems really relaxed and cool and everything.  also, i’m working on getting jason to hire a summer intern for the department, so i’ll let you know how that goes.  also, marke has temporarily moved out of his office to brian’s old desk, which will put him in a convenient location to train james when he starts.  that means marke and i now sit like 5 feet from each other at facing desks.  it’s fun to talk to him all day long. :)  so yeah, work’s good.

2) after lots of thinking, a bit of panic, tears, talking, and much more, i’ve decided that i’m going to move out of this apartment when my lease is up at the end of may (barring complete disaster).  i’m going to move to an apartment complex in san clemente that’s really close to work.  it’s a really nice place and the complex is pretty awesome, so i’m excited about the new place (which will be mine again barring complete disaster).  so i’ll keep you updated on where i’m at and the new address and everything as it all comes together over the next month.

3) i’ve also found time for some fun stuff.  last weekend i went to see “forgetting sarah marshall” with marke, katrina, lindsay, and a bunch of their friends.  great movie!  :)  i love jason segel more than ever!  and it was good to meet some new people.  and speaking of new people, marke and i went down to oceanside friday night to game night at chris’s place.  we got to meet his crew, which was cool.  we had a good time and were out way too late.  and the weather here has been absolutely gorgeous (if you ask me).  it was so nice out today that i drove up the coast to newport for cupcakes from sprinkles.  really, though, i think it’s just a good turn-around spot in the middle of a great drive.  so pretty! :)

4) i’m working on trying to catch up with friends lately.  the highlight, though, is katherine driving across the country with her grandma.  she’s been writing every night to report where they’ve been all day, and it’s been really cool.  i think the constant emails make me miss her even more, though.  anyway, i really want to drive across the country some day.  i think it’d be awesome. :)

5) the pepp men’s volleyball team is going to the ncaa tournament (only 4 teams do) because they unexpectedly won the mpsf tournament.  they ncaas are played at uc irvine this year, so i’m going to try to make it up there thursday night to watch them play long beach state.  ohio state and penn state are in the night’s other match.  should be fun, right?  now, it’d be super awesome if i could find someone to come with.  hmm…

6) happy birthday one day late to liz! :)  woot!  25!

i think that’s a pretty decent recap for tonight.  i’m going to get back to “brothers and sisters” and then try to get some sleep.  hope you’re well.  expect more from me soon…


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