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summer girl

12 April 2008

i’ve loved today.  really.  i mean, it’s been that sort of saturday where i have nothing to do and manage to enjoy myself all the way through.

i hung around a bit this morning catching up on some tv and just relaxing before deciding to go up to costa mesa to do a little bit of shopping.  also, i discovered just how gorgeous a day it was out.  like 90s, summertime gorgeous.  :)

and so i went up to costa mesa.  i started by going to the nordstrom rack to do a little shoe shopping, and when i got there i made an amazing discovery!  they just opened a dsw — my favorite place to buy shoes — across the walkway from the rack!  it’s totally like my new shoe mecca.  and while i admit i didn’t actually find anything i needed today, i’ll be back there soon enough.  i’m sure i’ll make more than one future purchase there.  awesome! :)  anyway, so after that, i went over to south coast plaza because they have my very favorite card shop, paper source.  i found a few fab things there, as well as a few essentials/basics at h&m and the brand new (just opened today) calvin klein store.  anyway, it was a good trip.

and then i hung around a bit more.  sat out on the deck a while and read more of “still life for woodpecker,” which i’m working through very quickly.  i made myself some dinner and talked to the family and normal things like that.  i even managed a quick trip to the grocery store so i should be set for a few days.  oh, and a pedicure!  i desperately needed one of those. :)

and this evening i finally watched “starter for 10,” which i thoroughly loved.  james mcavoy (my boyfriend) was awesome in it!  and the story was sweet.  anyway, i definitely recommend this one.

also, i got to catch up with kath a bit.  neither of us had realized how much we had to talk about.  turned out there was lots of catching up to do.  most exciting, she’s going to drive from palo alto to north carolina with her grandma in a couple weeks, which should be so much fun.  i definitely want to do a cross-country road trip some time.

anyway, it’s kind of late, so i should probably get to bed.  not sure what’s up for tomorrow…


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