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9 April 2008

seems like things for me to write about are just piling up tonight.  i’m going to try to work through them quickly because i need to get to bed soon.  i’m exhausted!

work is so crazy right now.  i’m beyond busy there right now.  it’s early mornings and late nights there for me.  at least with no one else there i can play my music as loud as i’d like.  i think i got some stuff accomplished today, though.  oh, and it’s good to have the boys there when i need a little mental break.  they seriously rock.

so i left work really late and kind of frustrated but i managed to be disciplined enough to drive myself to the gym instead of straight home.  and from there things, got better!  i put in a really good run.  farther than i’ve just flat out run in a long, long time.  and i probably could have kept going but i worry about my knee a bit.  anyway, i’m so glad i went.  that was awesome.  i really feel like i accomplished something there!

i talked to dad for a long time on the phone tonight.  it all went well.  he’s so helpful.  anyway, got some good advice from him about work and life and such.

also, we got to discuss the idiots in s.f. who pulled a bait and switch with the olympic torch relay.  i’m upset about it, honestly.  it was so deceitful and played right into china desperately wanting video of the relay looking all happy and peaceful.  that makes gavin newsom and his cronies just as bad as the government in china, i would say.  and this is not to mention how bad i feel for all the people (thousands of them) who took time out of their lives to go sit and wait to see the torch and never got to.

anyway, i’m so spent.  i’m going to catch up on a little tv and then crash before another busy day of work.


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