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8 April 2008

this girl is so tired as she writes tonight.  like weird mentally exhausted but with no real excuse for that.  nothing out of the ordinary going on.  anyway, a little update from me because it’s been like a week.

i honestly haven’t been up to a ton.  i’ve been working lots.  there’s so much going on there right now and through the rest of the month.  (probably after that, too, but i’m not yet looking quite that far ahead.)  i plan on works lots of extra hours coming up soon.  if you’re wondering why i’m not updating, it’s because i’m still at the office slaving away.

also, the college basketball season has wrapped up with awesome final four games and kind of lame final gmaes.  but it was such a fun season, and i even tied for the win in the office pool.  woot! :)

i’ve been lucky enough to have chances to catch up with several friends lately or just talk to the ones i am already caught up with.  it’s been good.  it seems like there’s a lot going on with everyone.

i need something to read.  i’m taking suggestions, even if i think i may have chosen what will be next.

i’m not sure what else to say tonight.  i think i need to just go to bed.  more soon…


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