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31 March 2008

a few things for tonight because i really should have gone to bed already.  i just really need to share!

1) this is the cover art for that mix cd the art department at work put together.  jason did it.  rad, right?  check out my enormous feet!

2) sarah and i are officially going to portland for memorial day weekend!  i’m so excited!  it’s a new place for me, for sure.  so far, we have plane tickets.  and we have picked out a place to stay.  the rest of the planning will come eventually.  i’ve already read my frommers book on the city.  should be a lovely weekend!

3) more travel for me!  i’m going to boston to attend the how design conference.  you may remember i went two years ago when it was in vegas, and i went last year when it was in atlanta.  i’m really anxious to get to boston!  i’ve been meaning to get there (though i wish i was bringing sarah with me).  anyway, chris is going with me.  it should be quite an adventure for as, as i’m all about traveling everywhere and he’s never done much traveling.  i already have my frommers on boston, and i’ve read the “where to stay” section.  i’m anxious about making reservations for everything (hotel, flights) as we get close to the conference date (less than 2 months), but once that’s all taken care of, i’ll just be super excited.  i think it’ll be a really great trip!

4) and finally, i’m going up to pepperdine tomorrow afternoon to be a judge in a competition in one of ginger’s classes.  she was definitely one of my favorite professors there, so i’m excited to go back (again) and help her out.  it should be really fun!  also, i’ll get to have dinner with my brother afterwards, i hope, so that makes the long drive even more worth it.  i’ll report back on how everything goes.



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