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oh, for a little while

25 March 2008

well, it was a good weekend up in san carlos! :)  i had a blast and wanted a few more days to hang out there.  but i’m back in laguna and back to work and my regular life already.  but first, about my weekend…

most of friday was spent with adam on the couch watching basketball on the parents’ huge tv.  it’s super fancy now with their high-def directv and the mega march madness package (every game of the whole tourney all in hd).  in the afternoon, we went down to palo alto to the apple store where meg works to see her and so i could get my computer looked at.  the cord to charge it wasn’t working right.  i got a new one.  all is well now. :)

saturday i went to a baby shower for my friend stephenie, who’s due in may.  it was awesome to see her, she’s doing well, and the shower was decent.  baby showers aren’t my favorite place to be (especially during the first weekend of march madness), but it was good to catch up with some old friends.  photos here.

the afternoon was spent watching more basketball before meeting up with meg, kath, and mel at the macaroni grill for a girls dinner.  so fun!  we had a blast and ate too much and just hung out.  we even took a minute to talk about our labor day weekend trip and where we might like to go.  and then we went to meg’s for a little bit to check out the new place and just sit around and chat some more.  it was awesome to be with all of them again. :)  photos here.

sunday was easter.  the family gathered at grandma’s, and it was a gorgeous day in the city.  we hung out and had a very strange combination of foods for lunch (kfc, barbeque, filipino food, and more).  it was simple and nice.  plus, i love seeing the crazy family.  it’d been a while.  photos here.

and then it was back to the oc yesterday (monday) morning.  i had a 6:30 flight, which is pretty killer because it means i have to get up at 4 so dad could bring me to the airport on time.  as they were starting to board my flight, they announced they were overbooked and were looking for a volunteer to give up their seat in exchange for $250 in credit for a future flight and a guaranteed seat on the flight leaving at 10.  well, figuring nothing too terrible would happen if i was 4 hours late for work (love that i have this flexibility!), i took them up on the offer!  i found a little breakfast, read a lot of “sense and sensibility,” and just hung out for a bit at the airport.  and then i got on the later flight and now i’m here.  it all worked out great. :)

so anyway, i’m just catching up on tv and whatever.  i should unpack, but i can always do that tomorrow, right? ;)

also, sarah and i are planning a trip to portland, or, for memorial day weekend, which is exciting.  we’re still reading up on the city, but it’s looking like a good long weekend destination.  i’m already excited about it!

so i’m off for tonight.  more soon. :)


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