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but tonight we dance

19 March 2008

wow.  it’s been forever since i’ve updated.  oops.  i’ve been busy and lazy and just doing other things.  but i really want to just take just a minute tonight before i crash.

life’s good.  :)  nothing in particular going on, but just good.

work’s so so so so busy, but things are going really well.  and i’m still having a really good time being there each day.

i’m headed up to san carlos tomorrow night for a long weekend.  we have friday off from work for easter, so i’m going to go visit the family and some friends.  mostly, my plan is to sit on the couch with adam and dad and take in as much basketball as possible this weekend.  oh, and we’re going to grandma’s for easter.  i’m beyond excited to be up there.  it feels like a million years since i’ve seen the family, and i miss them terribly.

oh, and march madness.  it’s my favorite time of the year!  my brackets are all filled out and ready to be ripped apart, as happens pretty much every year.  so fun! :)

okay, so i need to go to bed.  i’m completely exhausted.  more next time…


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