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3 March 2008

i wanted to share a few quick things with you this evening…

i had a wonderful sunday just lazing around (and making a brief trip out to go to the gym).  i watched “the science of sleep” because i figured it was time to see another michel gondry film after liking both “eternal sunshine” and “be kind rewind.”  i also enjoyed this one, but it was a bit on the wacky side for me.  still, i did like the overall story and he really is so visually inventive.  and i rewatched “becoming jane” before mailing it back to netflix.  i loved it even more the second time around!  my love for james mcavoy continues (because i know you were concerned it might have already subsided). :)

i’m in love with a new band and their new album.  it’s different than anything else i’ve listened to, though i’m pretty sure that’s because it’s actually so unique.  the band is the punch brothers, assembled by nickel creek’s chris thile, who is a mandonlin virtuoso.  anyway, he composed this brilliant long form piece in a classical manner but it’s really bluegrass music.  it became the core of the album, called punch.  anyway, the whole thing is gorgeous and briliant.  if it’s any indication (it is for me personally), music snob marke heard a bit of it in my car and commented that it’s very avant garde.  indeed.  i’m not sure what else to say.  go forth and listen, my friends. ;)

okay, well i’m tired, but i think i’ll curl up on the couch with a bowl of ice cream and catch tonight’s “october road” before crashing.  more next time…


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