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2 March 2008

“and here comes the night pulling puppet strings on my heart again
shows me all of this time i’ve been blind to this waking life
now i see it everywhere
’cause i’m not lost, just looking for the prince, yeah
and i’m taking it one day at a time and i’m getting by
by the way, you’re still on my mind
you’re still on my mind” — schuyler fisk “waking life”

this girl is so totally good! :)  briefly…

work’s busy but good.

i finally got to all the cleaning i’ve been meaning to do in the apartment.  i’m finally done!  it’s so great!  :)  oh, except i do still need to scrub the inside of the bathtub.  i didn’t think i’d get it all completed by the end of the weekend, and yet i’m already there.  that means i have all sunday to play! :)

my stanford boys didn’t panic and managed a good, solid comeback this afternoon against washington state.  so sweet! :)  oh, and i caught lots of other basketball today and through the past week.  so fun!  i’m gearing up for march madness!

i went to see “penelope” tonight.  i’ve been looking forward to it because it features my latest major celebrity crush, james mcavoy.  and if you thought him doing an american accent would make that crush go away (because i’m definitely all about him doing a british one or using his natural scottish one), you would be completely wrong.  :)  haha!  the movie is adorable, and i just might go again before it leaves theatres.  and he’s fab in it!  even plays the piano.  anyway, i completely enjoyed this one!  my crush continues, worse than before.

and!  i got to see the trailer for “the sisterhood of the traveling pants 2,” which i’m beyond excited about!  i love love love the books, and i really thought the first movie was so good.  so i can hardly wait until summer for this movie!

and so with that, i think it’s time for me to go.  more next time…


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