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doing the oscars

25 February 2008

as an admitted oscars dork (at least in recent years), i’m kind of excited to put together this big oscars post. this is what my posts would be like if i had a 25th hour in my day to blog. enjoy. :)

first, let’s start with the movies, since i suppose they are like half the point of the oscars and the only reason we ever got to what is the second half of the point of the oscars.

every year, “entertainment weekly” creates a list of the 25 movies to see before oscar night. in my opinion, that’s a lot of obscure films to see in the 2 (or so) months that are really the prime oscar movie season. this year i saw 12 of them, including all of the top 5. twelve is a lot for me, really, and there are even a few more i definitely will see later. anyway, i’m going to go ahead and fill you in on what i thought about the ones i did see. the ones in the list below that i didn’t comment on are the ones i haven’t seen (yet).

1) no country for old men. i really loved this movie, and i never expected i’d be saying that. it’s so enjoyable and beautiful and well-constructed. i think everyone should see it (unless they can’t see people getting killed). it deserves all its praise.

2) atonement. this movie is absolutely gorgeous! the music is also very special. and i loved both keira knightly and james mcavoy in this one. it’s kind of tragic and heavy, but i definitely think this is a beautiful film.

3) juno. i’m pretty much always up for a happy movie or a romantic comedy. this was both and yet also so original. it’s a movie that i think people will continue to enjoy over and over. definitely a great script, too!

4) michael clayton. george way was underrated in this film. and he got nominated for best actor. he’s awesome in this story. it’s a cool movie with an interesting, twisty plot. even people that don’t really do oscar movies can enjoy this one.

5) there will be blood. this is a movie for people who do oscar films or artsy films or paul thomas anderson films. i thought it was really well done and well-acted, but i’m not sure everyone will get it. it is a bit strange, but i was pleasantly surprised by the bits of comedy in it.

6) into the wild.

7) american gangster.

8) the diving bell and the butterfly.

9) sweeney todd.

10) charlie wilson’s war. this was one of the first movies on this list i saw. i enjoyed it, but after seeing the rest, i don’t think it really lives up to its competition. still, a good film.

11) the kite runner.

12) away from her.

13) eastern promises.

14) la vie en rose.

15) i’m not there.

16) a mighty heart.

17) gone baby gone. i absolutely loved this film, too, and it was another one i didn’t think i’d really enjoy. i would recommend this to anyone, as well. also, i really think it’s a great showcase of the talent of both ben and casey affleck. incredible!

18) the assassination of jesse james by the coward robert ford. this is a great history movie, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t usually love history movies. brad pitt’s amazing performance was definitely overlooked, i think in large part because he’s brad pitt. still, he was great, as was casey affleck. also, this is a very visually interesting film. another one that surprised me.

19) lars and the real girl. while i thought this movie was well done, i think i didn’t get it. i didn’t love that ryan gosling’s character was in love with a doll. even then, i thought it was so creative and the acting was very strong.

20) hairspray. for me, this movie is second only to enchanted in fun movies of the year. i loved it all the way around! okay, so i didn’t love john travolta. but i thought the rest was so irresistibly fun! it’s just happy, and that’s nice with all the dark films this year.

21) 3:10 to yuma.

22) the savages.

23) enchanted. wow! i think i grinned through this entire movie. it was the perfect blend of happy, romantic, and funny for me. it just worked wonderfully, i thought! and it was a bit more than just a typical fairytale. also, i am a sucker for films where two handsome men fight for the beautiful princess.

24) before the devil knows you’re dead.

25) ratatouille. this was an adult movie that kids could see, and i thought it was just lovely. it’s smart and funny and not at all vulgar. i thought it worked perfectly.

okay, so let’s go through some of the winners from last night. i’ll start with the big awards and work towards the small ones until no one cares anymore. :)

everyone knew “no country for old men” would win best picture. i think it deserves it, even if i liked lots of the films this year. it was just a rad movie.

and i knew daniel day-lewis would win best actor, as did everyone else, but i would have loved to see george win. it’s just that it’s really, really impossible to win for playing a pretty normal guy (at least compared to daniel fairview).

marion cotillard may have deserved her win for best actress. i don’t know. i never saw “la vie en rose,” and i don’t know anyone who did. i kind of wanted to see ellen page win because i thought that role was hard to pull off. i think it would be really easy to dislike juno if she was played by someone less cool.

if i could have, i’d have given out two awards for best supporting actor: one to javier bardem for his crazy, admirable performance and one to casey affleck for his awesome portrayal of robert ford. though i might just have a crush on him. ;)

and what i thought was kind of the strangest award was the one that went to tilda swinton. i didn’t really think her character in “michael clayton” was a standout, but what do i know? i’m not sure who i would have preferred to see win. perhaps amy ryan, though that role is a huge, over-the-top kind of role that’s easy to give an oscar for. anyway, i don’t mind tilda swinton winning.

and i figured the coen brother would win for directing. the movie was so crazy creative and weird and it was all them.

and i did think that “juno” was the coolest original screenplay. it was so original! i’m glad it won, even if i think diablo cody is weird and i don’t necessarily trust her to ever match this success again.

and a few other notes on the rest of the awards… i love that “the bourne ultimatum” won three oscars! and i definitely think that the very inventive score of “atonement” deserved the ultimate in recognition. and i was gld to see (or hear?) that “falling slowly” from “once” won best original song. that movie is incredible (go see it now!), and the song was perfectly incorporated into it.

so if you’re amazingly still with me, let’s move on to the other very important part of the oscars: the beautiful people! this is definitely the reason to watch the very, very long broadcast. i think the total number of hours of oscar coverage i watched yesterday is about 12. twelve hours. of course, most of it i recorded so i could skip commercials and boring parts, but still! that’s a lot! anyway, here are my thoughts on the beautiful and the broadcast…

saoirse ronan looked very age-appropriate, unlike miley cyrus, who just looked old. i loved the dress, but it was too old for her. i loved the dresses of both penelope cruz and jennifer garner (she looked especially awesome, i thought), even if they were really similar. and i also loved the red dresses of katherine heigl, heidi klum, and anne hathaway, though they were all different. kelly preston, cameron diaz, and amy ryan all looked great in interesting colors. and i liked the bottom half and the color of amy adams‘s dress.

and i have two choices for best dressed of the night: keri russell and kristin chenoweth. perfect! all the way around, i loved them!

of course, i don’t want to ignore the men! george and johnny both looked great in the ways that they each do. patrick dempsey looked great, as did his beautiful wife. and casey affleck looked so cool (even if his wife’s boobs were out of control… though i believe she just gave birth).

and then there was my major new celebrity crush: james mcavoy, who looked so adorable. even when standing with his lovely wife. or when presenting an award with his insane scottish accent. :) yes, i really just did that like a schoolgirl.

as for the show, i enjoyed it, even if the shows are never perfect.

jon stewart was good.  there were more strike jokes and less political jokes than i had anticipated, though there were too many of both.  i liked him best when he was just being funny, not doing written jokes.  also, steve carell was hilarious making fun of him saying, “you never cease to amaze me with your need for attention.”

i’m so over jennifer hudson.  when will she go away already?  she couldn’t even read the teleprompter or pronounce words or names correctly!  i also don’t understand jessica alba’s appearances at the oscars.  she’s not talented.  she’s only pretty.

how much did i love james mcavoy paling around with saoirse ronan or dancing on stage?  sooo much!!!

why were the awards presented in that cracked out order?

i was impressed with jon mclaughlin doing “so close.”  that guy has pipes!  i didn’t realize that before!

one of my favorite moments was when on stewart brough marketa irglova back out to say her “tanks.”

and so if you’re still with me, tanks for reading through all this!  i love the oscars! :)


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