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24 February 2008

… a couple little notes for tonight before i crash.

i still have this little head cold.  i still think it’s a head cold because it came on so quickly, though it’s quite possible it’s allergies.  apparently, the pollen is really bad this year (says dad).  i’m hoping it’s a cold so i can recover from it instead of just figuring out how to live with it.  anyway, i took it super easy today in hopes my body can heal itself quickly.

part of my lying about today involved me watching “becoming jane,” which i loved so much i’m going to keep (from netflix) longer so that i can watch it one more time.  just lovely!  also, i’m falling more and more in love with james mcavoy each day, i swear.  incredible.  and so interesting.  and just compelling.  i just want him on my tv/movie screen all the time!  he’s not like my usual celebrity boyfriend at all, but i adore him.  and his real scottish accent, which i’ve really only heard on tv interviews and things, is so crazy!  okay, i need to stop gushing, i know. ;)

also, yay for my stanford boys beating cal! :)  love them for that!

my oscar post is coming soon but just not tonight.  don’t worry, though; i took notes.


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