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23 February 2008

“counting all the freckles on your perfect face
you open your window, i sit on your bed
just waiting for right words to come
so, what happened to bulletproof weeks in your arms
what happened to feeling cheap radio songs
what happened to thinking he world was flat
what happened to that
was i wrong?” — matt nathanson “bulletproof weeks”

::sniffle:: ::sniffle::  i seem to have acquired a little bit of a head cold (stuffy nose, sore throat), so i’m taking it really easy this weekend, even if that means i won’t finish the cleaning i had planned or get to those two trips to the gym i had wanted.  i want to get over this quickly, though, so i’m trying to take good care of myself.

so what have i been up to?  work’s going well.  i got lots of things done on time, which is nice, even if i feel like i’m working my butt off.  we also got a fancy new printer that i don’t have 100% figured out yet.

i’m taking in lots and lots of movies these days.  it’s mostly an attempt to see lots of oscar movies before the awards are handed out tomorrow.  it’s also partly because i like movies and there are some ones i’ve been wanting to see.

i went to see “be kind rewind” yesterday with the two free hours i got from skipping out on work early (after an insane week).  it was really, really fun!  i definitely recommend it!  it’s cool and happy and wonderful.  and i love mos def in it.  and i might have cried at the end like a dork. ;)

and today i went to see my final oscar movie of the season: “there will be blood.”  wow.  it’s a lot of movie.  it has great acting, of course.  and the music is intense and loud and strange.  and the story is also strange, though not as weird as i’d heard it might be.  and i’m glad i went to see it, even if i didn’t enjoy it as much as many of the other oscar films this year.  it’s very good.

this evening i watched film independent’s spirit awards, which is like the cousin to the academy awards.  it’s independent films only, and it airs live without commercials or censors.  and this year, it was brilliantly hosted by rainn wilson!  :)  i love him!  anyway, the show was really great (i didn’t do any fast-forwarding at all)!  it included lots of good films winning and lots of cussing and even ended with rainn wrestling with philip seymour hoffman in the crowd!  anyway, that’s a good show right there.  the oscars can’t really live up to that amount of fun, but at least i’ll have seen more of the films nominated.

and what else have i been up to so far this weekend?  sports.  lots and lots of college basketball on tv.  that’s it. :)  so fun, and there will be more tomorrow.

okay, so i think i’m going to tuck into bed now for some more sleep.  hopefully, i’ll get a moment to write a good oscar post tomorrow night…


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