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20 February 2008

“i’m wide awake and so alive
ringing like a bell
tell me this is paradise
and not someplace i fell
let me feel the car crash
just tip me ’til i capsize
i’ve been waiting for my whole life
to be broken, open, satisfied” — matt nathanson “car crash”

well, i feel like i have plenty to write about tonight.  things are good. :)

monday was a holiday, and i was so glad to get to spend it at the happiest place on earth.  :)  it was katrina’s birthday, so her, marke, lindsay, and i all went up to disneyland to celebrate!  it was pretty crowded (expected for a holiday weekend, i suppose), but we had a blast on the rides we did get on.  it was kind of weird because so many of them seemed to have problems while we were on them or in line, but it was still really fun!  we came sooo close to being on space mountain while it broke down.  that would have been awesome.  instead, we were in the loading room and the lights went on and they had to clear out the whole ride, reset it or fix it or whatever, and then get it going again while we waited.  that’s when lindsay and katrina invented the “wait it out” dance.  awesomeness!  it lives on.  :)  we also all had a really weird, really fun conversation waiting in an extremely slow line for indiana jones.  turns out marke’s an experts on the smells of various sorts of animal feces.  and in the evening, we couldn’t skip an opportunity for birthday drinks.  the four of us met up with two of katrina’s other friends, ariana and cody, at the lost bar for drinks (or cokes :)) and all just hung out a while, which was cool.  anyway, it was just a really fun day! :)

on sunday evening, i went to see “atonement,” which was a good film.  it was beautiful, and i thought the music was pretty awesome, incorporating really interesting sounds, like the noise of a typewriter.  and james mcavoy was awesome.  there’s just something about that guy that makes me want to watch him.  anyway, it’s a very pretty movie, though the story’s really sad.  you have to be willing to put up with that.

and i’ve started reading “sense and sensibility.”  i’ve never really read jane austen before, but i’m enjoying it so far.  we’ll see how it goes.  it’ll probably take me a while because the language is kind of different.  but anyway, it’s fun.
and work has been so busy so far this week.  i’m so glad it’s a short week.  but i’m getting lots of stuff done, so that’s good.

of course, there’s been plenty of (mostly bad) tv to keep me entertained. :)  i’ve started watching some “american idol,” though i’m not sure how long i’ll be committed to it.  and i’m still with “big brother,” even though i hate lots of the contestants.

anyway, enough from me tonight.  things are good. :)  hope the same goes for you…


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