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you can’t teach 7 feet

17 February 2008

“i miss the sound of your voice
loudest thing in my head
and i ache to remember
all the violent, sweet
perfect words that you said” — matt nathanson “come on get higher”

good saturday. :) i didn’t do much. it was awesome. i plan to continue on this route tomorrow.

i slept in later than usual, which was lovely. and then i hung out and watched a whole lot of sports. :) i got to watch my stanford boys beat arizona is a close game. so fun! i love those lopez brothers! and there were lots of other great games today that i caught parts of. plus, i watched the nba’s slam dunk contest, which was so awesome! i was really just flipping through channels when i caught the start of it and kept watching. extremely impressive. check out this hightlight video. i promise it’s worth your three minutes. :) and in more sports news, it was fun to watch the pepperdine boys beat santa clara. and in awesome news, the pepperdine men’s volleyball team is now 2-0 since the return of opposite aussie superstar paul carroll! woot!

oh, but i did do a few other things today that weren’t watching sports. haha! i went to the gym for a good workout. and i’ve been working on cleaning the apartment, like organizing things and getting rid of old junk i don’t need. i did a really good job in the kitchen and am working through the living room now. i did make some good progress. hopefully, that’ll continue tomorrow. and i caught up with a few friends today, which is always good.

and tonight i watched “gone baby gone,” which was really, really good.  i wasn’t sure how much i’d enjoy the movie, but i loved the story and the acting.  casey affleck was awesome.  and morgan freeman.  and everyone else.  and i loved all the plot turns.  anyway, i definitely recommend this film unless you can’t do people getting shot.  but other than that, it was really good.  yes, it’s about a crime being solved, but i’m not usually into those sorts of stories and this one was really good.  so anyway, totally see it!  also, i’ve never thought casey affleck (1) was hotter and (2) looked more like his brother.  :)  seriously, it’s a very good film, and i don’t know how it’s not nominated for more oscars.

and i guess it’s sort of late now, so i’ll be off to bed soon. more weekend fun to come…


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