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16 February 2008

“drive all night with me
sing my favorite song and sleep
under the stars on the hood of our car
it’s all i ever wanted” — chuck wicks “all i ever wanted”

geez, i’m exhausted.  totally.  i haven’t been sleeping well, and i’ve been working too hard.  this weekend comes just in time.

so yeah, i’ve been really busy at work.  long days and kind of crazy.  i’m managing, but it can be draining.  anyway, that’s not all that exciting to write about.

i hope you had a good valentine’s day.  mine was a little rough just because it wasn’t as fun as i wanted.  things just didn’t seem to go right.  nothing in particular, but just a sort of frustrating day.  at least it ended with tv and a bowl of ice cream. :)

and today i went to see “michael clayton,” which was good.  i felt a little confused through most of the movie, but it all came together at the end.  just had to have patience.  anyway, i love george, and he was great in the movie.  the plot is a little complicated, but i reviewed it on wikipedia afterwards, and i did understand it!  i just had to make sure. :)  anyway, it’s a good crime/lawyer/thriller.  it’s just not my favorite of the oscar movies i’ve seen thus far.

and one more very important thing.  i seriously love my friends.  they get me through all these crazy days, whether they know it or not.  i love that i’ve gotten to chat with several friends in the past few days.  of course, i have been slacking off a little bit lately and owe several calls and emails still.  but i’m working on it.

so anyway, things are looking up.  i plan to relax a bit in the next couple days, take some time for good workouts, clean up the apartment a little bit, and normal things like that.  and then i plan on having a wonderful time with katrina, marke, and the rest at disneyland on our holiday monday to celebrate katrina’s birthday.

hope you’re doing well.  i need to go to bed now.


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