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knows me like a button

13 February 2008

a few notes from this smiling girl tonight… :)

work has been so busy, but it’s also going well.  i’m working my butt off and getting stuff done.  and it’s fun. :)

and i can say i’ve officially read my first comic books.  marke lent them to me.  last night i read the first three issues of “ex machina” (very good and involving art!) and tonight i read the first trade (that’s what they call the books, right?) of “dmz” (also really good and interesting).  i won’t ever become a comic book geek, i don’t think, but they’re still good.  and it’s fun to try different stuff.

also last night i started watching the new season of “big brother.”  don’t judge me.  ;)  haha!  i’m already totally addicted.  so?

and i also continued my oscar movie fest with “the assassination of jesse james by the coward robert ford,” which was really cool.  it’s a total history movie–which i don’t normally enjoy much–but really good!  i found it all so fascinating.  of course, it’s brilliantly acted.  brad’s an awesome jesse!  and it makes me want to go learn lots more about jesse james.  anyway, if you like history movies at all, i think you’ll love this one!  next up is “gone baby gone,” coincidentally also featuring casey affleck.

and i got a good chance to catch up with sarah this evening, which was great!  i wish we got to spend more time hanging out with each other, but for now it’s very frequent im and phone calls (like tonight).

and one more thing!  i love love love love loved tonight’s “project runway” because it was the best challenge ever.  i won’t spoil it for anyone, but it’s the sort of challenge i want every week, and it really separated the true talents from the rest.  so great!  i can hardly wait to see the bryant park shows!

that’s enough out of me for now.  i’m now sleeping well right now, so i’m going back to the tv for more…


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