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notes for tonight

11 February 2008

“the best that we can hope for is one more chance
if the hands of time could just move in reverse
i wouldn’t make the same mistake again with her” — josh turner “another try”

i just wanted to take a couple minutes to share a few things.  i’ll be brief. :)

1) i really did hurt my pinky toe yesterday.  i caught my toenail on something and it’s all kind of a mess now.   oops!  stupid big feet always in the way!

2) i cannot explain it, but i have a huge celebrity crush on dierks bentley.

3) my espn, espn2, and discovery hd channels work now!  they no longer require a special separate subscription.  woot!  this is major!

4) lots of crazy sports!  saw that guy getting his neck cut during the hockey game.  saw the tennessee women beat rutgers on a bad clock operator/referee.  and other fun stuff.

5) if you want to really know what’s going on in the world, i completely recommend reading “the economist” each week.  the articles are really good and always cover all the current issues in the world.  plus, they’re so good at recapping the situation in case you’re not already familiar with it.

more next time. :)


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