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let it be

10 February 2008

“the tears i wouldn’t let fall from my eyes
and how i let her go without a fight
the reasons i’m alone i know by heart
but i don’t want to spend forever in the dark
i swear next time i’ll hang on for dear life
if love ever gives me another try” — josh turner “another try”

geez, i love this song.

okay, so it was another gorgeous day here.  i spent a good portion of it driving around and just enjoying the weather.  i love it!

i went to see “no country for old men” this evening.  oh.  my.  goodness.  it was spectacular!  i loved it way, way, way more than i ever expected to.  i mean, i always knew it was going to be a good film, but i didn’t know i’d enjoy it so much.  the cinematography was perfect.  the acting brilliant.  the story simple but just right.  and the lack of music fit perfectly.  i never knew i’d want to watch a movie without music.  it’s so quiet.  it’s amazing.  anyway, i definitely recommend this film to anyone who’s okay with watching people get shot.  it happens a lot in the movie because it’s about a killer.  anyway, go see it!  seriously!

and then there were the grammys tonight.  i hate the grammys.  i have for nearly as long as i have had my own taste in music.  and yet i watch pretty much ever year.  bad decision, i know.  so i watched tonight while recording, so i could skip lots of the stuff i don’t care about.  of course, i pretty much never agree with the winners, but i was glad to see a few things: (1) taylor swift wearing purple, (2) vince gill winning country album and then joking with kanye, (3) kanye making them stop the music during his acceptance speech and also putting on a good performance, (4) actual country performances, even if they were both of novelty songs, and (5) cirque!  so anyway, looking forward to better awards shows soon.

okay, it’s late on sunday night now, so i should be off.  more next time…


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